• Marvelous Mesh

    Marvelous Mesh
    Comfort. Style. Versatility. This is the mission behind every piece we design at AQUAVITA. We carefully craft our garments to exude the traits of our beloved customers, you.You are fun. Fearless. Full of life in every situation. Your vibrancy transcends time and place. We honor you with every design we make, and our newest mesh pieces are no exception. Mesh at Home & Beyond The AQUAVITA...
  • The 5 Best Beaches in Italy

    The 5 Best Beaches in Italy
    From striking limestone cliffs to pristine turquoise waters, we believe there is no better place to recharge and unwind than on one of Italy’s famously beautiful beaches.  The character of the coastline ranges from natural and rugged to stylishly pristine. And with over 4,723 miles of waterfront there is something for everyone.  Whether you’re looking to be a part of the “scene” or...
  • How to Create an Aperitivo Tradition at Home

    How to Create an Aperitivo Tradition at Home
    The mark of a life well spent can be measured by the time enjoying good food and drinks with friends. An aperitivo is just the tradition to adopt if you’re searching for an excuse to slow down and upgrade your evening wind down. Here, we have offered our favorite wines, cocktails, and small-bite pairings to get your started. Curated by our friend, and...
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