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12 Days of Amore: Christmas Gratitude Practice

It's the countdown to Christmas. Only 12 days to go. A time for our "true love," to shower us with gifts and poultry-- as the song muses.

At team Aquavita we have been thinking a lot about love. Through the trials and tribulations of the past year, we are all lucky to be feeling full of grace and gratitude. This is because together we have accomplished so much.  Our team has grown and our commitment to each other and the brand has taken on a new meaning. 

Our company philosophy is "more beautiful moments."  With that, we have been compelled to share the inspiring ways in which we are living by that creed this holiday season. To turn the mirror back onto us because we are our own "true loves." Let's shower ourselves with generosity and kindness, connect with loved ones, and fill our own cup with joy and delight. We hope these ideas spark merriment, peace, and love.

From our Family to yours...



 🎶  On the first day of Christmas... 🎶


1. Family time - This year, let's be conscious of slowing down the pace and enjoying the unexpected moments.  Even if we can't be with our family physically schedule group video calls with aunts and uncles, sisters, and cousins.  Make it an event.  You can even play some games or do a virtual secret Santa. 

2. Food - In honor of this year's untraditional circumstances, why not have some fun by adding an element of surprise to this year's menu? For example, toffee eggnog. 


3. Self-love - While Christmas is a time to give to others, don’t forget to focus on yourself. Instead of writing a letter to Santa, write a letter to yourself celebrating all the amazing ways you’ve grown and all the accomplishments you’ve made this year amidst the chaos of the pandemic.  And don’t forget to buy yourself a gift!


4. Unexpected Ways to Give – Sometimes a simple act of kindness could make all the difference.  Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to use your time and money for good. Here is 15 ways to give back this holiday season. 


5. Relaxation – Christmastime is usually characterized by the hustle and bustle of last minute gift shopping, decorating and getting ready to host family and friends but it’s also about cozying up next to your tree with a cup of hot chocolate and appreciating the holidays. Here are some cozy and relaxing activities that really get you into the Christmas spirit: Watch your favorite holiday movie, bake some holiday cookies, and buy some festive scented candles


6. Music – What is Christmas without Christmas music? Check out our favorite Spotify playlist. Nothing like some classic tunes to get you in the spirit.

7. Fashion – From ugly Christmas sweaters to chic holiday glam, dressing up on Christmas is an integral part of many families’ traditions. While you probably can’t host or attend any parties, you can still lounge around the house in these Christmas onesies. Care about how you look and what you wear (even if it's just for you) because everyone has their own sense of fashion and should be able to express it. This is what makes every human unique. At AQUAVITA we are cozy onsie specialists. Try our favorite Oriana Jumpsuit available on our website


8. Romance – If Hallmark Christmas movies have taught us anything, it’s that love is a big part of the Christmas spirit. For those of you who are quarantining with your partners, cozy up together before a roaring virtual fire (if you don’t have a fireplace), and watch a romantic Christmas movie from this list

9. Meditation – Create calmness and clarity within by taking time to meditate and reflect this holiday season. Enjoy some YOU time by taking a relaxing bath with this Christmas themed bath bomb set and listen to this calm Christmas playlist

10. Wine  Nothing quite captures the spirit of the holidays like sharing food and drinks with friends. Breaking bread together is an act of sharing and peace, so on the 10th day of Christmas, crack open a bottle of wine and make a charcuterie board to enjoy with your family. And if you can’t be with your family physically, try setting up a zoom wine night.  Here are some charcuterie board with wine pairing ideas.

11. Health – Especially during this time with the pandemic, health is something to be grateful for. Holiday sweets are good for the tastebuds but can be bad for our waistlines. If you’re looking for guilt free ways to enjoy Christmas sweets, here are some healthy Christmas cookie recipes to try out. 

12. Celebration – Even though we can’t celebrate the way we want to this year, you can still enjoy the magic of Christmas. Pop open some sparkling cider to enjoy in these festive Christmas flutes or cheers with some warm apple cider in these holiday mugs. Merry Christmas you guys!


We hope that this holiday season many good things come your way.  We hope that everyone takes the time to reflect on the appreciation of love for family and friends and to celebrate the deep affection we sometimes forget to share in our "normal lives." Embrace the unexpected and be truly present. Happy Holidays!

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