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5 Yoga Techniques to Fight Stress and Find Serenity

Relax with AQUAVITA by trying our five favorite yoga poses that ease stress and help you find peace.


Inhale, and now exhale. You’re lying on a yoga mat, staring up at the ceiling.
As you wind down from your session, you feel all the stress and tension from the day slip away. The yoga techniques you practiced sent your body into a state of relaxation, calm, and serenity.
Your world is balanced once again. This is the soothing beauty of yoga. It is a sacred practice that moves the body as well as the mind to the point of utter peace. The Bhagavad Gita said it perfectly.


"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita

Are you ready to stretch, move, and embrace the journey? Then start with these five yoga poses that will relieve stress and return yourself to a balanced state of serenity.
Listed in no particular order.


Child´s Pose

The child’s pose is one of the most peaceful poses of them all. Start on your mat in a tabletop position, then push your hips back and widen your knees to the sides. Your forehead should rest on the mat with your arms stretched out ahead.
You should feel relief in the lower back and hip area as the child’s pose “resets” the body. As you breathe in and out, put the weight in your forehead and allow your muscles to just let go.
Child Pose Yoga Aquavita Lifestyle

Cat Cow

This stress-relieving yoga pose moves you through two flows. In table top, stretch and open your chest upward while flaring your hips back. There should be a curve in your back. Then, exhale and round your spine toward the ceiling while allowing your head to drop to the floor.

You’ll love striking this yoga pose in our Aurora wide-leg pants. Perfectly flowy to match your cat/cow flow state.

Cat Cow Pose Yoga Aquavita Lifestyle Aurora Pants


Everyone loves the corpse yoga position because all you do is one thing- lie down. But go ahead and get comfy in this super soft Orsina top before lying down. You might not want to get up for a while.

While lying on your mat, spread your feet apart so that they don't touch each other, and turn your palms upward. Simply breathe deeply and close your eyes. This technique is similar to meditation.

Corpse Pose Yoga Aquavita Lifestyle Orsina Top


A bridge is sturdy, reliable, and full of strength. By activating your body in this yoga pose, you’re channeling all-of-the-above. In yoga, a bridge pose relies on the core and glutes.

You’re lying on your back, feet flat on the floor while pressing up through your heels. Not only will it relieve back pain, but it will also help open your lungs. Now, take a deep breath and relax.


Forward Fold

Hop into your Oriana jumpsuit and step into position to practice the forward fold yoga technique. You can relax into this pose, either standing upright or sitting on the floor.

Either way, your goal is to bend at the waist and reach down (if standing) or forward (if sitting). Your calves, hamstrings, and quad muscles will definitely feel the soothing release afterward.

Forward Fold Pose Yoga Aquavita Lifestyle Oriana Jumpsuit


What is your favorite yoga pose for relieving tension and calming your mind? Namaste.


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