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9 Self-Care Ideas for Moms and Daughters This Mother’s Day

Can you smell the fresh flowers or practically taste the breakfast in bed? That’s the picture we want to be creating, nourishing, and cherishing this Mother’s Day. Nothing feels better than seeing a smile on your mom’s face or hearing the beautiful sound of her laughter.
We hope moms and daughters everywhere can share the joy of bonding while honoring the strong woman within. After all, it’s all about showing love, appreciation, and gratitude.
So, we’ve brainstormed a list of nine of our favorite self-care ideas for Mother's Day. Add one of these activities to your schedule or take inspiration from all nine.

Spa Day

The words “spa day” and “self-care” are practically synonyms. Need we say more? Go treat yourself (and mom, of course) to a day of soothing pampering.

At-Home Cooking Class

Hosting cooking classes at home is fun, easy, and much more personal. Turn on a YouTube video, MasterClass, Skillshare class, or something a bit more “live” to show you the recipe in action.


Get Outside

This self-care idea is essential all year- not just on Mother’s Day. Whether it is a simple walk around the block or a camping trip, get outside and soak up the sunlight.


Breakfast Feast

Breakfast in bed is one of the oldest traditions in the book. It’s simple and will never fail to put a smile on your mom’s face. If mom is more of a go-getter in the mornings, prepare a luxe breakfast feast together that everyone can enjoy.


Do a Little Gardening

Gardens bring endless possibilities- fruits, flowers, herbs, vegetables, you name it. Get your hands dirty and help mom out in the garden this Mother’s Day. Sometimes self-care looks like harvesting some carrots or watering a flower. No garden, you say? Start one!


Plan a Pool Day

Imagine you and your mom relaxing by the pool on a warm summer day. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Family pool time is one way you can all bond while pampering the Queen of the house. P.S. If you don’t have a pool at home, book a day at a hotel just to use the pool! These swimsuit cover-ups might help you get in the mood.


Get Crafty

DIY crafts are a wonderful way to bond, hone your artistic skills, and practice self-care at the same time. Pull out a scrapbook, canvas, sculpture, or whatever suits your creative eye. We love a good at-home craft session.


Weekend Getaway

Nothing says self-care like having some mom & daughter bonding time away from it all. Plan a relaxing weekend getaway somewhere you will both love. The beach is always a go-to destination, but if the weather isn’t permitting or the beach isn’t on the agenda, branch out.


Wine Tasting

Do you and your mom love an excellent merlot or pinot noir? If you’re nodding your head in excitement, then why not switch things up this year with a wine tasting? We suggest doing a quick Google search to see what is available in your area. However, if you don’t have any luck, you can always have your own private wine tasting right at home.


 To all the wonderful moms reading this, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.


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