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Away We Go: Behind the Scenes Rebrand

We just wrapped up the latest AquaVita photoshoot showcasing our core collection rebrand. Cooped up in our houses these past few months, we’ve all been daydreaming of toasty European beaches and care-free, sun-kissed afternoons. Our creative team was so inspired that we decided to take our most timeless, multitalented pieces and reimagine them in this chic summer style guide. 

Producing a look book is an exhilarating and exciting process. It’s everything you’d expect, and more. But it’s also a lot of work. When you’re clear on a vision, shots rarely turn out perfectly on the first take. Plus, there are plenty of elements to work around — namely, maintaining social distance while trying to master scene styling. It took a lot of coordination, but we are thrilled with how it turned out. Read on for a behind-the-scenes peek.

With the help of our designer Hanna Gotz, stylist Dani Parets (@dnabydani), and photographer Alessandra Fiorini (@AlessandraFioriniPhotography) we were able to bring the AquaVita vision to life. Playful, versatile, and impossibly comfortable, each piece was a delight to showcase and style. 

Keep scrolling to see what lengths our talented photography crew goes to help us communicate our creative vision.


AquaVita models getting ready during our latest photoshoot.

Trying not to loose hair perfection before the next shot


Touching up the models is much easier with a portable fan.

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