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Harnessing the Creative Power of Play at any Age


You’re six-years-old again sitting in the grass on a warm summer day. Your best friend is over at your house for the umpteenth time this month. Both of you are playing outdoors, harnessing your imagination and creative thinking without a care in the world. What a nostalgic throwback image. As a kid, playing is second nature. No one bats an eye when a seven-year-old is rummaging in the dirt or running around laughing hysterically. So, naturally, most people relate the word “play” with children. The benefits of play for adults hits every aspect of your life: health, work, and relationships. Go ahead and break out that adult coloring book, shading hues of purple and blue into the image.


Heal Emotional Wounds

Playing with other adults can heal emotional wounds. One, you will see emotional triggers in others that mirror your own, leading to self-realization. And second, interacting with a high emotional intelligence individual will help you replace negative patterns with positive beliefs.


Boost Physical Health

This might be obvious, but playing can lead to better physical health. This is especially true if you decide to join a sports team or take up a new active hobby. Yes, yoga totally counts!


Develop Social Skills

Social skills are developed via interactions with others, and it all starts in childhood. As an adult, playing helps you further develop skills like communication, body language, and working together as a team.


Teach Patience & Cooperation

Do you remember as a child when you were taught to play nicely? That same concept extends into adulthood. Except this time, you’re not learning how to share a toy but how to be patient with your co-workers or partner.


Stimulate the Mind

When you’re doing something fun that you enjoy, your mind is automatically elevated. This is a wonderful benefit of play for adults because it also encourages creative thinking! Get ready to think outside of the box.


Relieve Stress

Play releases endorphins which promotes well-being. Take a deep breath and relax. Think of something you do- like a hobby or practice- that puts your mind at ease.


Nourish the Inner Child

We all have an inner child that needs to be nourished and healed. Allowing yourself to play removes those rigid boundaries we set around ourselves as adults.


AQUAVITA Believes in the Power of Play

Play can be many things. The freedom that ensues out in nature. The joy of being away from the computer, toes in the sand on the beach somewhere. This is pure happiness. Or maybe even traveling out of the country to discover a hidden paradise. The power of play is incredibly enriching.Do you make time to play and let your creativity soar? Let us know your favorite way to unwind and have fun!





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