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How to Organize your Closet and Declutter your Mind

The new year has just begun which calls for a fresh start to 2021. This year is all about putting your right foot forward and manifesting your own success. There is a task you can take on to help create a more organized mindset and lifestyle: organizing your closet. Here are some simple steps you can take to help clean, declutter and arrange your closet.

The first step is to clear out the closet of any loose clothes that may be on the floor, thrown on a shelf or pushed aside in a corner, and run a vacuum and or wipe down any shelves.

Next is to go through each piece of clothing, or shoes and ask yourself, “do I really need this anymore?” It is important to declutter and put aside any item you could sell or donate.

After that it is time to start organizing your clothes, accessories and shoesinto categories. Keep the clothing you wear most often towards the front of your closet, or in the top drawers or shelves. Hang your fancy clothes in the same spot, separate your sweaters from your pajamas, and if you can stack your jeans on a shelf. If you are limited on space you can roll your tee shirts and workout clothes into storage bins. It is necessary to keep categories of clothing together.

Last but not least you mustmaintainan organized closet. The best way to maintain your closet is to reorganize your closet at least once a month. Once you maintain this schedule, you will be maintaining a much more organized lifestyle.

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