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Make a Happy List

Stressful times in life can be very normal and being aware of your own personal desire for happiness is important. During this time, with COVID-19, stress levels are higher than ever. One thing that is important to relieve some stress during this time is doing things that make you “happy”. 
We define Happiness as, "a feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile." Smiling, laughing and giggling correlates heavily with the word “happiness”. A lot of the time practicing and being aware of things that make you happy, or otherwise known as, positive thinking can be beneficial for your body. Releasing natural, good hormones like serotonin help to get you through your normal days with a smile.
Here is a happy list that the AQUAVITA team loves, and we encourage you to try to make one for yourself. Doing a fun activity like this is an act of kindness. Being kind to yourself had a ripple effect.  You'll see how it  benefits you and others around you. Start small.  Even little things can make a difference! What will be on your happy list?
The AQUAVITA Happy List:
There are a few of our favorite things
Beach days  

Laying in the sun by the pool

A glass of aperol spritz

Vacation with friends

The sound of the ocean

Italian pizza 

Bikini tan lines

A boat ride

Watching the sunrise from a beautiful view

Yoga class

Learning a new recipe

Having a picnic

A bike ride with a breeze

Laying in a hammock

A cup of gelato

Palm tree lined streets

Sleeping In


Picking flowers

Going to a museum



Remember to smile and do the things that make you happy!

Much love, 



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