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Miami Swim Show 2021 Brought Enthusiasm to Fashion Trends

Swim Show is known to be the biggest trade show in the U.S.A. With half the size this year, due to covid, the convention center, located on Miami Beach hosted a wide variety of brands. And still managed to meet the usual expectations. From across the nation, manufacturers & designers come to enjoy trends and to set orders on the table. 
Shared over thousands of social platforms, the brand booth’s stole the show at Miami Swim Show 2021. This is important for a brand’s presence and identity to help represent the garments being sold. Booths are what creates an ambiance for what can be expected for the next collection launch. It also gives audiences an understanding of the brand's aura, personality and further gives clients an experience. 
As far as trends, Versatile clothing showed to be a trend for this year. People want that “Beach to Bar'' look. What does that mean? Something you can throw on while coming back from a dip in the ocean, that sophisticatedly suits the mood of a fancy dinner date. 
A top trend in the booths were vibrant printed pieces, matching sets, cover-ups, flowy maxi & mini dresses, mesh pieces and of course less constricting women’s wear.
As for printed pieces, it set the bar high for this year in the fashion industry. Coming from the transition of indoor living situations, due to COVID-19, people seem to be loving the unique textured prints on clothes. 
As for cover-ups, this style matched with Bikinis, took over the Swim Show Miami 2021. Styling for bikini’s is important: Bikinis that barely cover much skin, styled with a cover-up, bring confidence in women. This sought to be part of the evolution of swimwear moving forward in the fashion industry. Continuing about cover-ups, Mesh styles were popular, but also a soft simple cover up showed to work as well. 
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