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Soothing Summer Skincare Rituals for Mind, Body, and Soul

For most of us, summer is a time to let loose and relax. It is a time to pamper yourself and step outside in the sun, letting your skin soak in those natural vitamins. It is also a time for creating new rituals that feel nourishing to the trifecta- mind, body, soul.
Skincare is one practice that can become a ritual to connect the mind, body, and soul. There is something ultra-soothing about taking care of the skin. It feels refreshing, invigorating, and purposeful.
So, to help enhance the daily skincare routines of women and men everywhere, we has partnered up with Calma Rituals. They are a natural skincare brand that believes in using nature to nurture, and their entire line is eco-friendly.


“We believe that self-care and rituals are essential parts of our lives and through them we can connect to our essence.” – Calma Rituals


Rituals for Glow

Have you ever made a connection between meditation and lathering on your facial oil? Now you can. The Calma Glow Face Elixir Oil was created with plant extracts that bring a calming sensation over your body, mind, and soul. The simple act of putting on a facial oil can be meditative- particularly if you infuse it into your routine.
Along with meditation, this formula is perfect to replenish dry skin after a day in the ocean. Soothe your soul in the sea and then calm your skin with this nourishing facial oil. So before you head to the beach, don't forget to grab your Cosma maxi swim cover-up and your Calma potion.


Rituals for Hydration

Both morning and night are perfect times for a hydration ritual. Grab the OM Deep Hydration Eye Cream, throw on our Emilia maxi dress, and start your skincare routine. This eye cream is made with rose hip oil + aloe vera, which are perfect for nourishing a sun-kissed face.
If you prefer to hydrate at night, you could practice a soothing Yin Yoga session while the cream is soaking into your skin. Repeat the OM mantra slowly and consciously while moving through each yoga motion. Its powerful vibrations have a healing effect on body, mind, and spirit. Namaste.


Rituals for Cleansing

Use a face wash, like the Santa Planta Facial Cleanser, to exfoliate and detox. An all-natural facial cleanser helps your mind feel at ease during the summer when you’re spending all day at the pool, beach, or just outside in the elements.
So, when you’re getting ready for bed, take 10-15 minutes for your “wind-down” skincare ritual. Maybe light a soothing candle and take some meditative breaths to put your body and mind at ease. Repeat the words, “I wash away the troubles of the day.” You’ll look and feel great washing your face in our Oriana jumpsuit too.


Summer Skincare with AQUAVITA

Having a consistent skincare routine is beneficial for everyone, especially if you are the type who enjoys being outside in the summer. So, we challenge you to try at least one new skincare ritual this summer- because you deserve to glow.
Remember, anything done with purpose and intent is a ritual—even skincare.
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