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The 5 Best Beaches in Italy

From striking limestone cliffs to pristine turquoise waters, we believe there is no better place to recharge and unwind than on one of Italy’s famously beautiful beaches.  The character of the coastline ranges from natural and rugged to stylishly pristine. And with over 4,723 miles of waterfront there is something for everyone.  Whether you’re looking to be a part of the “scene” or prefer to stay “off the grid,” we have curated a list of our top 5 favorite beaches in Italy to suit anyone’s appetite for escape.

We welcome you to start daydreaming…

Top 5 beaches in Italy


1. Atrani, Campania

Welcome to the tiny coastal village of Atrani. Nestled along the Amalfi Coast, Atrani is similar to one of Italy’s most famous beach towns, but far less crowded. Here you’ll find a spectacularly colorful cliffside adorned with delightful piazzas and old churches.

2. Chiaia di Luna, Ponza


The rolling hills and wispy terrain makes this remote beach one of our most favored spots to take in nature. Famous for the 328-foot volcanic rock shaped like a Luna or “moon,” there is a narrow crescent of hidden beach sitting at its base - just the place for a quiet moment listening to the sound of the waves.

3. Tropea, Calabria

If you crave a sense of history and breathtaking architecture, head to Tropea.  Situated at the very tip of Italy’s boot, this is a place rarely visited by foreigners. The long stretch of beach is divided in two by the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’ Isola on its rocky bluff. The mellow atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for a holiday spent exploring and sunbathing.

4. La Pelosa, Sardinia

While there is no shortage of beaches in Sardinia, we prefer La Pelosa for the little known derelict offshore castle that serves as the most exquisite backdrop. Sugar-white sand, electric blue water, and shallow waves lend themselves to peaceful wading. There is no better place to take a pause.

5. Punta Aderci, Abruzzo

As one of the country’s most unvisited regions, Abruzzo has remained unspoiled, including its beaches. If you visit Punta Aderci, which is a nature reserve, you may find yourself entirely secluded on its pristine shores. The mountainous backdrop lends itself to feeling as if you’re at the edge of the world. Find civilization with a pitstop into town and be sure to ask for a bowl of fish soup.   


AquaVita is a lifestyle beachwear company from Italy.  We believe in simple pleasures. Our unwavering desire for a slower more deliberate existence inspired us and this belief is infused into the fabric of our brand. Our philosophy is centered around "beautiful moments." We hope to delight and inspire you to create more beautiful moments in your own life.

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