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Tips to Reclaim Your Connection With Nature This Summer

As a brand focused on cultivating a summer lifestyle, we believe in the power of the outdoors. And the summer is prime time for truly reclaiming your connection with nature.

Heatwaves radiate from the street below. You're lounging atop your downtown apartment balcony. The ceiling fan is rotating to provide a precious breeze, and the condensation dripping from your glass provides cool relief as you pick it up, taking a long drink.

The towering ivy reaching its leaves up the side of your building provides a touch of nature. And the plant you bought on a whim adds just enough green to your balcony. Usually, this environment is perfect.


But you’ve been feeling disconnected this summer.


Somehow the growing ivy and beloved plant just aren't enough right now. The cobblestone city you love so much is feeling a bit…stale. What better way to renew your spirit than climbing down from that balcony and escaping into a forest?

Well, it doesn't have to be a forest. A nice, expansive grassy park will do. Or perhaps you'd rather dig your toes into the sand than soil.

That image of you above is how numerous people feel during the summer— even us. As someone who needs to spend time outdoors, we understand how stifling it can be to feel trapped inside.


“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” —Khalil Gibran


So, we encourage you to plant your feet on the Earth a little more this summer. There is so much beauty to be found outdoors, and it is just waiting to connect with you.

We’ve all been told that Vitamin D is essential to our health (aka sunlight). Being outside is healthy for the body, mind, and spirit, and that’s not just another wise tale.

Nature has a profound effect on our mental health and mood. According to a study in 2019, it was found that exposure to natural environments improves cognitive flexibility, attention, and memory. It even reduces stress and encourages physical activity.

But how do you connect with nature besides taking a stroll or hike? Well, there are more ways to bond with the world around you besides simply passing it by.


Whatever your nature remedy calls for, find a way to make it personal.


The simple act of picking fresh flowers or stopping to admire a garden blooming with Sunflowers, Lilies, and Violets is deeply connective. Take those flowers you freshly cut and make an arrangement in your home.

Imagine meditating atop a stunning Tuscan hillside, rooting yourself in the present moment and breathing in the fresh air.

If you are creative, pack up your paint or craft materials and bring the creating outside. You’ll feel renewed while painting your next canvas next to a lake teeming with wildlife. We love Pragser Wildsee (Lake Prags) in South Tyrol, Italy.

Planting a garden is also connective because it reunites us with our roots. Grow a few vegetables or set up an herb garden in your window. This will encourage you to get into nature, but it will also bring nature to your home.

Whatever you do, make it meaningful, and make connecting with nature your intent.


“Go to the sea-shore, to the mountains, to the wilderness; go anywhere where you can forget your cares and cast aside your burdens. . . . Let the old, old nurse, Nature, . . . take you to her bosom again; and you will return to the city happier and healthier for the embrace.” —William H. H. Murray



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