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Welcome the New Year by Organizing Your Closet

Snag a few of AQUAVITA’s 2022 tips for decluttering your wardrobe and learn how to organize your closet.
It’s finally 2022! You’ve spent the past few weeks attending holiday events, celebrating the New Year, and pondering your resolutions.
As a fashionista with an overflowing closet, decluttering your wardrobe to get organized is definitely on the list for 2022. We’ll call it priority #3- because staying healthy and happy are the first two, of course.
When shoes are spilling out, and you’ve somehow created a clothes mountain, how do you even begin organizing your closet?
Keep reading as we spill our best closet cleanout tips. Go ahead and steal them for yourself.
Begin the Closet Purge
We’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t start with this closet organization tip. Always begin by downsizing and decluttering first. The “pre-organization” stage cannot be skipped- no buts.
Take a long look at your closet and assess the damage.
Then, make three piles: keep, donate/sell, toss. Start with one category (ex: scarves) and pull it all out, placing it in its respective pile.
Do this for everything else in your closet: clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, etc.
A good rule of thumb is to donate anything you haven’t touched in the past six months. Toss anything with holes, rips, stains, or is too worn to be donated or sold.
By the end of your pre-organizing closet purge, you should have a solid idea of what’s going back in your wardrobe.


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Divide by Season or Function

Now that you know what you’re keeping, let’s divide it by season and function. It’s hard to group accessories like sunglasses and purses into a seasonal category.
So, this only applies to clothing and winter gear like beanies, scarves, and gloves.
We recommend making (you guessed it) a few more piles to separate your winter wear from summer clothing, bathing suits, spring attire, etc. Think of tank tops in one pile, jeans in another, and dresses in another. You can break it down further by function- sporty, casual, dressy, formal.
Doing this makes it easier to visualize what you have and what you might need when the next season comes around.


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Create Closet Zones

This is where organizing your closet gets fun! Whether you have a huge walk-in or a small closet, zoning is an awesome way to declutter your wardrobe and get organized for 2022.
Consider investing in cheap dividers to carve out homes for certain pieces of clothing or shoes. Add a few bins or baskets for loose items like scarves, socks, or undergarments.
If you’re a visual person, arrange your clothing by color. The aesthetic itself will give a more put-together feel.
We also recommend creating zones by type of clothing. Imagine a smooth transition from short sleeve shirts to dress shirts, long sleeve shirts, jeans, dress pants, shorts, etc.
You’ll thank us later when you go to throw on a specific sweater and know exactly where to find it.
Happy organizing!
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